A single family residential and recreational development offering Alberta Beach

Information About the Development

The Canals at Windmill Harbour is a single family residential and recreational development offering Alberta Beach lots for sale.

We’re located 4 km west of the summer village of Alberta Beach on Lac Ste. Anne in Alberta.

Our site is zoned for 186 lots. Phase 1 consists of 40 lots, with 23 located on a man-made groomed canal.

The canal lots feature backyard docks with direct lake access. Twelve lots are lakeside and have varying degrees of lake view. The remaining five are interior lots. All 40 lots are fully serviced with gas, power, water, and sewer.

A water treatment plant is located onsite, and a lift station is also provided for the sewer. A curbed and paved road is complete in front of all the Phase 1 lots. Also completed are street lighting, automatic front gates, a bridge over the canal for amenity access by future phases, and the marina. Future amenities such as a recreation area, including a playground and a hard court are to be included in the next phase.

Development Work We’ve Completed

With any new community, a significant amount of work is required to provide essential services to the residents. Take a look below to see the work we’ve put in to make this an ideal recreation spot filled with amenities.

A lift station and water treatment plant have been sized and installed to serve the entire development. Utilities for future phases will only require a simple underground connection to the existing system.

The bridge crossing the first canal is substantially complete. The waterway to the lake is fully open allowing boat traffic to the houses, and the Gabion wall in the marina area has been completed and is ready for boat slips.

How We Were Approved for Development

This project started as an idea back in 1999, and construction of Phase 1 was completed in 2007. We have gone through a rigorous approval process to create this amazing site.

An extensive list of approvals and studies highlight the amount of effort required to turn this development into a reality. We’ve had significant interaction with the all levels of government including Department of Fisheries, Transport Canada and Alberta ESRD. Considering the time invested and money spent to get this site to where it is now, a project of this magnitude would be a challenge to initiate today.

We believe a development like this may never happen again in Alberta. It has all been worth it to create The Canals at Windmill Harbour. We are certain that we will soon be known as one of the most spectacular locations in Western Canada.

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